Expertise & Services

The Engaged Space provides a dedicated HR professional that specialises in culture, employee engagement and business operations to work with you to develop and implement your chosen service. Our attention to detail and passion for people, ensures our clients’ needs are met and as a result we will build on your strengths and identify areas for business improvement, to help your business become an employer of choice.

Our services include:

HR Consulting Support

Expert and tailored HR support with strategy development and operational implementation that considers appropriate change management principles and the wider business needs. Specialist HR services include workforce planning and strategy, building your employment brand, recruitment and attracting talent, policy and procedure audits, change management, leadership development, stay interviews, HR system reviews, small business establishment advice and other projects as required.

Employee Engagement and Culture Reviews

Employee Engagement and Culture Reviews provide workforce insights to drive strategy and workforce planning. We avoid the white noise of mass data and generic survey collection, instead focusing on tailoring what is both relevant and useful to create action within your business.

Our reviews are developed to gain valuable insights into employee engagement, team effectiveness, workplace culture, leadership effectiveness and business direction and are tailored to suit your business needs. They are aligned to your strategic direction, values and provide insight for your business to acquire information at a point in time to use for business improvement. Pulse surveys then provide further ongoing workforce data to track indicators that contribute to employee engagement and the effectiveness of strategies implemented.

Pulse Surveys

The perfect employee listening tool to be packaged with an Employee Engagement and Culture Survey, or alternatively used as a standalone strategy. Pulse surveys provide ongoing workforce data to track indicators that contribute to employee engagement. Pulse surveys are developed and conducted on a periodic basis across a 12 month time frame.

Leadership Feedback Surveys

Professional leadership feedback surveys provide valuable opinions on the perceived performance of an individual and they are the perfect tool to form the foundation of an internal leadership program. By gathering feedback from both internal and external stakeholders on how individuals perform against selected leadership capabilities, leaders can use this information to support their ongoing professional development and improve their effectiveness in the workplace.

Stay Interviews

Why wait for your key personnel to leave before you get feedback on their experience of working with you? Instead, be proactive and implement a retention and engagement strategy that aims to investigate what matters to your employees and what will encourage them to stay.


We offer concession to not for profit businesses and also provide cost effective packages to small businesses with less than 50 employees.

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