The Engaged Space is passionate and contemporary in our approach to partnering with organisations to improve their business performance through their people management strategies.

With the culture of an organisation known to directly impact employee engagement, employee behaviour, innovation and customer service; it is critical that employers keep their finger on the pulse to create the competitive advantage they desire and an employment brand envied by the market. With in-house generalist HR and business operations capabilities, The Engaged Space will deliver relevant, tailored and pragmatic advice to your organisation that will provide your competitive advantage to attract, develop and retain talent and structure your business for success. This is coupled with a talented pool of partners that ensures clients receive a holistic  business service.

When it comes to business and workforce needs we understand that one size does not fit all. Our commitment to understand your business and to address your needs within your wider business context and aligned to your vision, is pivotal to our success.  Our tailored HR services are built on best practice principles but most importantly our solutions are designed to ensure your workplace culture is high performing and your employees are giving you their best work.


The Engaged Space is very pleased to have won the 2019 South Australian Business Excellence Award for www.ausmumpreneur.com





JOSLYN HUTCHINSON, MBA, GradDip Mgmt, GradCert Mgmt, BHlth Sc.

Joslyn is an experienced executive with a strong track record of leading with transparency, integrity and pragmatism across a broad range of industries. Having proven success in executive HR and Business Management roles, she is a results orientated leader with the ability to engage stakeholders, build networks and lead the achievement of corporate goals. This is through her contemporary HR and business approach that allows her to draw on her corporate knowledge and experience and integrate HR into the business.

Her valuable and contemporary knowledge acquired from HR, business operations and quality experience, along with her studies in a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), has led her to be a very process and people orientated professional. She is pragmatic, but most importantly envisions the employee and customer experience and aims to influence that within an organisation to achieve a workplace that values continuous improvement, innovation, flexibility, inclusion, the ability to adapt effectively to change and achieve results. She is recognised for having a strong and inclusive leadership style, strategic thinking, change management, planning skills, contemporary and holistic business approach and demonstrated ability to communicate and interact effectively.




Join our Engaged Community which includes small, medium and large private enterprises, not for profit organisations and Federal and State Government Departments and see the benefits, just like these amazing organisations and many more.

We have established a great partnership with The Engaged Space and their support with developing and managing our human resource systems and processes. We appreciate their wide range of services they provide and their knowledge of complex industrial relations systems.

Jos and her team are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and thorough and we value their experienced judgment.

The Engaged Space looks after our most important asset – Our people

Silvia Frost, General Manager, PGS



As a busy medical practice, we realised a number of HR challenges that we were confronted with and that we were ill equipped to manage this situation ourselves. The Engaged Space was our solution. Joslyn Hutchinson met with us and quickly and efficiently assessed our situation. She presented a well thought out plan and supported the implementation that enabled our organisation to restructure, which was invaluable to achieve what we required.

Professor Peter Hewett, Chair, Colorectal Surgery 




Joslyn was invaluable in helping create a workforce strategy and undertaking recruitment activities for our small not-for-profit Openlight. We appreciated that Joslyn focused on understanding our organisation, our business and our values.

Understanding our organisation was important as Joslyn considered our situation and priorities holistically. This meant she was able to deliver a tailored service to fit our means and goals, rather than just providing an off-the-shelf solution. By facilitating a workshop with the board, Joslyn was able to learn about our organisation at the same time as helping us refine our thoughts and reach a consensus.

Joslyn both prompted us to think strategically about our business, but importantly enabled us to act strategically. As an organisation with limited staff resources and a volunteer board, Joslyn’s support was crucial. Being able to rely Joslyn’s experience and management of the recruitment process meant that the board and myself were able to concentrate on the strategic issues.

As a values-driven community organisation, having someone that was understood and was genuinely aligned with our values was important in achieving the right outcome. Joslyn was able to integrate our values into the workforce strategy and recruitment process and keep the board focused on what we were trying to achieve.

Joslyn’s flexibility and personal approach was key to working with Openlight. As volunteers we often work after hours and in our lunch breaks, so having someone who was able to work with our schedules was fabulous. Openlight is about connecting people, so we valued the personal connections that Joslyn established with us.

Dr Patrick Korbel, Chair, Openlight


Weslo is a small business operating out of South Australia managing events and event staffing within Adelaide. We had previously passed our HR and management support requirements onto a large organisation to give support and advice. When the contract was up for consideration we went to market and met with Joslyn.

We engaged Joslyn close to 2 years ago and have never looked back. The professional personalised service has been exceptional. Joslyn does more than just HR and has become an integral part of the leadership group support and advice regarding the management of our people in a complex industrial relations environment including managing the recruitment process to ensuring we maintain a high calibre workforce that adequately can fulfill our client staffing requirements, particularly for large scale events.

Christian Whamond, Manager, Weslo Events



I have no doubt that there are many other small business owners like myself, who have found themselves challenged in specific areas when it comes to running a small business. We are expected to understand such a broad range of things, that there is always the feeling that something is lacking. This is where Jos at The Engaged Space saves the day. Jos has a diverse understanding of all things business and she has empowered me with the tools to make informed independent decisions relating to my HR needs.

Every correspondence with The Engaged Space is of the highest standard, clear, concise, informative and offered solutions tailored not only to my business needs, but also the needs of me as a person.

On a personal level Jos has shown me the importance of a good work life balance and supported me in looking to and planning for the best outcomes for my future and the future for my business. Jos really takes the time to understand the needs of both the businesses and the people she supports.

Sally Edmonds, Managing Director, Ceramica Tile + Design



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