Experience to Support Your Teams

We have built a strong, professional team to support yours.

With years of executive HR experience under her belt and a specialisation in culture and engagement, the desire to share strategic, operational and industrial HR advice with a broader range of clients was the key driver for Jos building The Engaged Space.

Utilising her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and extensive experience as a specialist HR practitioner, Jos has a contemporary and holistic approach to HR and business that allows her to effectively integrate best practice and practical HR solutions to resolve workplace issues.

With a pragmatic approach, Jos aims to positively influence the employee experience within an organisation to achieve a great workplace with a high performing culture that is compliant with our complex industrial relations system. She can adapt effectively to change and achieve results. Jos is also recognised for delivering sound advice and solutions to support clients in achieving their objectives.

Jos thrives on deep diving into an organisation to understand their culture and level of employee engagement and then supporting them in understanding these workplace insights to build high performing teams and improve their employee experience.

Jos Hutchinson

HR & Managing Director.

Chelsea Crawley

Senior HR Consultant.

An experienced HR Manager, Chelsea has significant experience across a diverse range of large and complex organisations. She has the ability to partner with leaders to support their vision and strategic goals and objectives.

Chelsea has a calm and positive approach to supporting constructive and professional outcomes for businesses that suit their individual needs. With significant experience in organisational change at an organisational level, a key strength is her ability to conceptualise a change with leaders and then provide pragmatic and trusted support through to implementation.

In addition to being a HR Manager, Chelsea has also led teams through significant periods of change, understanding ‘leading and managing’ both as a HR professional and a manager. She has a flexible and adaptable approach to the employee experience with the aim of providing relevant and effective solutions based on individual business objectives.

With a special interest in leadership and team development, organisational change, understanding organisational culture and building trusted partnerships with leaders based on pragmatic advice, Chelsea has a proactive and positive approach to finding solutions.

Outside of the office, Chelsea enjoys keeping active outdoors with her husband and three children. Early morning exercise ensures she has energy and positivity throughout the day. She genuinely enjoys working with a variety of businesses and leaders - no two days are ever the same.

Jane Paice

Senior HR Consultant.

Jane came to The Engaged Space with over 20 years experience as a HR specialist in a comprehensive range of business sectors. Her background in hospitality informs her service approach with our clients. Coupled with her business partnering skills, Jane seeks to assist business leaders in finding the HR solutions that are the right fit for the ongoing success of their business.

She knows that working in HR is not as simple as having black and white rules and it is in the more difficult areas that Jane enjoys working. Problem solving and applying people management skills in difficult and testing scenarios are what drives her love for the industry.

Recently completing a law and legal practice degree, Jane considers this to be her mental version of climbing Mt Everest and enjoys bringing these elements into her role, enabling her to deliver optimal HR solutions to her clients.