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It’s time for a more modern approach to measuring employee satisfaction. More and more businesses are realising the limitations of simplistic, self-created and analysed annual employee engagement surveys, and are looking for an alternative that gets to the heart of their workers’ experiences and gives them a clearer course of action for addressing problems.

The Engaged Space helps you gain crucial insight into the health and wellbeing of your most important asset – your employees. Our experience has shown us what works and what doesn’t, helping you to gather the information that leads to better informed decisions that build on the strengths of your business and effectively address your weaknesses.

Building a better company

Engagement surveys for the workplace need to go beyond job satisfaction and run deeper into the organisation. A single DIY survey a year is not going to give you the data you need to dig deep and find that extra productivity.

We help you discover not just the right questions to ask, but when and to whom to ask them. Smarter companies are offering more employee feedback opportunities, allowing employers to more closely track the morale and engagement levels of their workforce, rather than solely taking an annual snapshot.

We help businesses across Australia make use of one of the most advanced employee culture survey tools on the market – Pulse Surveys. Gather information from your employees and measure your management’s performance against clearly defined, easily understandable metrics, ensuring that you have the most up to date image of your company, and a clear path to better results laid out for you.

A new approach to your most precious resource

The Engaged Space is taking a fresh approach to human resources, empowering managers at every level and across every industry, helping them to better know their workers and what drives and motivates them, so they can harness that to everyone’s benefit.

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