Employer Guide to Family and Domestic Violence

Recently the FairWork Ombudsman released its employer guide to family and domestic violence, with the objective of assisting to help employers understand their workplace obligations and to support employees experiencing family and domestic violence.

The guide outlines

Family and Domestic Violence is an important workplace issue as most people who experience family and domestic violence in Australia are in paid employment. It can therefore impact workplaces in a number of ways including

  • It is a workplace health and safety issue. If a perpetrator harasses or stalks a person at their workplace, it can put the employee and their co-workers in danger.
  • Workplaces can be a place of refuge for employees. Employees experiencing family or domestic violence often rely on their workplaces to be a safe place to escape violence and a crucial source of social and economic support.
  • It is a workplace productivity issue. Employees experiencing family or domestic violence might be more likely to take unplanned days off, arrive late or finish early. When they’re at work, they might also be less effective carrying out their work because they’re distracted, anxious or lack energy. Workplaces could also experience higher staff turnover rates.

The full guide can be found on the following link: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/leave/family-and-domestic-violence-leave/employer-guide-to-family-and-domestic-violence

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