Expertise & Services

The Engaged Space provides a dedicated professional to work with you to develop and implement your chosen service. Our attention to detail and passion for people, ensures our clients’ needs are met and as a result we will build on your strengths and identify areas for business improvement, to help your business become an employer of choice.

We are committed to working with our predominantly small to medium sized clients to establish their needs. Whether it be to support or lead a project, provide advice, or enable ongoing priority access to a business and people management expert to boost the capabilities of your business, we will work with you to establish how we can best service your needs.

Our services include:


Expert strategic and operational consulting tailored to your business requirements. Are you in need of an expert to manage a project, or good advice to guide your internal journey, we can offer a range of options to suit your budget. Whether to gain capacity, or to bring in an expert that will increase your organisation’s capabilities and minimise internal bias, we partner with you to ensure advice is aligned to the strategic direction of the organisation, is underpinned by effective change management principles and meets industrial requirements. Specialist HR consulting includes workforce planning and structural analysis, building an employment brand, leadership feedback and development programs and HR process and policy/procedure reviews. Our business consulting includes strategy development and implementation, tender writing services, operational support and implementing performance, quality and risk management processes. Contact us and we can review your business needs.

Organisation and Team Reviews

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your organisation or perhaps a team? An organisation or team review gathers data and insights to improve productivity and is pivotal to identifying core issues, developing solutions and engaging the workforce early where change is necessary. Whether team, functional, or organisation wide, our reviews are developed to suit the business and its requirements.

Recruitment & Attracting Talent

When recruitment is managed effectively, it increases the chance of finding your perfect candidate and managing the risks associated with poor recruitment choices. We provide a cost-effective alternative to recruitment companies that will meet your needs and enable you to access a skilled HR professional to guide your recruitment process and build the capabilities of your business. Our services commence with assessing the business, structural and functional needs, designing the role, marketing the role to maximise the audience, managing the candidate experience and concludes with shortlisting, assessment, selection and verification of credentials. The scope can be tailored to your budget requirements.

Organisational Culture and Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement and Culture Surveys provide workforce insights to drive strategy and workforce planning. We avoid the white noise of mass data and generic survey collection, instead focusing on tailoring what is both relevant and useful to create action within your business. Covering key areas including employee engagement, team effectiveness, workplace culture, leadership effectiveness and business direction, the survey is aligned to your strategic direction, values and provides insights for your business to drive business improvement. Pulse surveys then provide periodic checkpoints to track indicators that contribute to the organisational culture, employee engagement and the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

Leadership Development

Professional leadership feedback surveys (360 reviews) provide valuable opinions on the perceived performance of an individual and they are the perfect tool to form the foundation of a tailored internal leadership development program. By gathering feedback from both internal and external stakeholders on how individuals perform against selected leadership capabilities, leaders can capitilise on this information to support their ongoing professional development, enable behaviour change and improve their effectiveness in the workplace.

Leadership development programs for either aspiring, new or experienced managers are structured and underpinned by regular coaching sessions that aim to assist employees learn in ways that encourages ongoing growth and improved self-awareness. It is based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions and on holding a person accountable for his or her goals. This is supplemented by training to acquire the skills necessary to reach the employee’s goals.

Stay Interviews

Why wait for your key personnel to leave before you get feedback on their experience of working with you? Instead, be proactive and implement a retention and engagement strategy that aims to investigate what matters to your employees and what will encourage them to stay.

Improve your workplace productivity, systems, processes, culture and employee engagement with consultancy support from The Engaged Space. Contact us at our Adelaide office on 0421 271 791 and have a chat with our team to find out what we can do for you. You can also fill in our contact form or email us at with any questions.