Is it possible that your team feels the same as these Australian & NZ employees?

We specialise in enabling business to gather data & workforce insights to inform decision making & create action. Our surveys & solution focused reporting is designed to reduce the overwhelm of mass data and shift insight to action.


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Organisational Culture & Employee Engagement Survey

Modern workplaces need modern approaches to measuring employee satisfaction.

As businesses realise the limitations of data heavy annual Culture & Employee Engagement surveys, they are looking for alternatives that get to the heart of their workers’ experiences. Branded ‘Your Voice’ our survey experience provides the clear opportunity for employees to contribute their voice and have it heard, which is critical to establishing trust and encourages engagement with the survey experience.

The Engaged Space can help you gain crucial insight into the health and wellbeing of your most important asset – your people. Our experience has shown us what works and what doesn’t and we can help you gather the information you need to make informed decisions.

With an annual Employee Engagement and Culture Survey designed by us, you can learn more about employee engagement, team effectiveness, workplace culture, leadership effectiveness and business direction. Importantly, our survey will be aligned to your strategic direction, values and therefore can provide relevant insights to drive business improvement.

Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are the perfect combination to our annual Culture & Employee Engagement Survey, as they provide check-in points throughout the year.

We can help you decide the information you need, when you need it and who you ask. We can then design, deploy and analyse the results of the survey and give you recommendations. By regularly checking in with your people, you can more closely track the morale and engagement levels of your workforce and understand the effect of the changes you are making over time.

Leadership Feedback Surveys (360 Degree Surveys)

Constructive feedback is a valuable leadership tool. Professional leadership feedback surveys (360 reviews) provide a broad set of views on the perceived performance of an individual – the perfect tool to incorporate into a tailored internal leadership development program or performance review process.

By gathering feedback from both internal and external stakeholders on how individuals perform against selected leadership capabilities, leaders can grow, develop and improve their contribution to a productive and healthy workplace.

Stay Interviews

Why wait for your key personnel to leave before you get feedback on their experience of working with you? Our stay interviews are a flip on the exit interview, a proactive employee retention and engagement strategy that aims to investigate what matters to your employees and what will encourage them to stay.