Don’t let Fair Work overwhelm you

Let us help.

We are here to ensure your business is compliant with Modern Awards, National Employment Standards and other workplace legislation. We help you understand and apply these to your workplace to ensure the terms and conditions that you offer your employees are legal and make good business sense.

We can help you with

  • Enabling positive workplace change
  • Confirming your Modern Award
  • Appropriately classifying employees to determine minimum pays
  • Implementing Employment Agreements
  • HR Policy
  • Managing disputes
  • Investigating internal complaints and grievances
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Managing performance and behaviour issues
  • Restructures and managing redundancies

Are you aware of changes to Fair Work Legislation?

The last few years have brought ongoing refinement to Fair work Legislation through the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Act 2022 and more recently the ‘Closing the Loopholes’ laws. These changes have or will impact many workplace conditions and include:

  • New rules for fixed term contracts
  • New workplace rights on disclosing pay and workplace conditions
  • Prohibiting pay secrecy
  • Unlawful job ads
  • Changes to flexible work
  • Prohibition of sexual harassment and the positive duty of employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Unpaid parental leave changes
  • Rules for labour hire workers
  • Criminalising intentional wage underpayments
  • New discrimination protections
  • Small business redundancy exemptions
  • Workplace delegates’ rights


These changes amongst others will impact all employers through entitlements, policy, workplace processes and employment terms and conditions. If you would like to ensure your business is compliant with Fair Work legislation, reach out for a consult to see how we can help you navigate the changing employment landscape.

How do we help?

We have the tools and resources ready to apply to your business and the hands on support to assist manage those challenging issues that arise in the workplace.