Be the change you want to see in your business. The Engaged Space works with teams, business-owners, managers, executives and employees to develop existing and new skills and to be more effective, approachable and inspiring in the workplace.

We can help you build inspiring leaders and high functioning teams to improve your business performance.


Empowering the individuals in your business by broadening their skillsets can result in better leadership and a stronger, more engaged organisation.

Leading by example as a manager or owner can inspire your colleagues and employees to take on their own upskilling, leadership and training programs, laying the foundation for business-wide transformation.

What kind of boss do you want to be? We can help you discover what being a ‘good boss’ is for you, working with your unique strengths and weaknesses to enhance your leadership capabilities.

So whether you’re the boss or part of an executive team, we are happy to customise our program that will be underpinned by best practice tools to improve self-awareness and leadership confidence. Find out what a change we could make in you and in your business by contacting us.


Broaden your horizons by asking The Engaged Space team to design and deliver an employee development program for you.

Empowering your employees to develop their own practices, personal resources and contribution to the success of your organisation makes business sense. The Engaged Space can help your organisation build the capabilities of its employees, improve self-awareness and create a high functioning team of strong individual contributors.

All coaching and mentoring programs are designed to achieve professional and personal growth and are developed to meet business and employee needs.


Workshops are a great way to tackle a range of strategic and operational needs with groups. Common topics that businesses choose to run include:

  • Strategic and business planning sessions
  • Developing values and respectful behaviours in the workplace
  • Team building

We align our workshops to the business strategic plan and focus on collaboration, appreciative enquiry and growth mindset as ways to bring people towards a common goal.

In respectfully challenging thinking, we can encourage innovation and engagement of your people to your business objective.

Great companies value ongoing learning and development. The Engaged Space team in Adelaide can design a coaching, mentoring or leadership development program or workshop to help you strengthen your business potential.

Speak to our Adelaide team by calling 0421 271 791 or email contactus@theengagedspace.com.au so we can learn about your needs.